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Great Love Preschool Houston, TX


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“We educate our children with Great Love to cultivate kindness, trustworthiness, and integrity.”

The end of construction for Tzu Chi Southern Region’s campus in Houston was a dream come true for everyone involved. The project began in 1996, and everything was finally complete in 2014, including a building that now houses Tzu Chi Great Love Preschool and Kindergarten.


6200 Corporate Dr. Houston, TX 77036
Monday-Friday, 7:00am to 6:30pm
Phone: 713.395.0303

Tzu Chi Great Love Preschool in Houston, Texas was established in 2014. Our goal is to inspire a lifelong love of learning in our students and to develop their full potential within a diversified educational environment that embraces school, family, and the community. We offer a nurturing educational experience where children learn and develop life skills through guidance, exploration, and creativity.

Our holistic program addresses the “whole person,” developing spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, and creative qualities. Through "humane education,” we awaken children’s conscience and good-will, cultivating good character traits, honesty, and compassion. Classes are themed on humanistic principles including gratitude, respect, love, courage, tolerance, and perseverance, and inspire the spirit of Great Love which students carry home to the family and community.

Each day is a learning adventure at our preschool in Houston

Where Students Thrive

From storytelling to gardening, opportunities to engage with their peers, or join together in group activities, each day is an enriching learning experience.

Inspiring kindness, responsibility, and integrity through character education.

Our highly-trained teachers take great care to guide our students toward a life of honor, integrity, and compassion. Constantly improving through annual training sessions and seminars, they never forget how it feels to be a student and to learn something new. Their patience and attentive sense of empathy allows them to continually adapt the mode of instruction or curriculum to best suit the needs of each individual student.

Educating with Great Love and Devotion

Using age-appropriate activities based on thematic learning, our teachers are dedicated to instilling the virtues of gratitude, respect, and love, and fostering positive character traits such as kindness, honesty, integrity, and responsibility. Our rigorous curriculum is bilingual in English and Chinese, comprises character education, and opportunities for cross-cultural experience.

We are grateful for our inspiring teachers


Paula Wang


    • Wasan Mohammed

    • Kerian Lando

    • Keyla Mora


    • Peiling Wang

    • Quan Quan Qu

    • Jessica Yu-Jei Chou

    • Alice Yi-Chun Lin

    • Meiling Chen

    • Mei Yeh


    • Wen Hua Liu

    • Lynn Wang