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Great Love Preschool Monrovia, CA


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The Pillars of the Future - Trees of knowledge; Seeds of love


206 E. Palm Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016
Monday-Friday, 7:30am to 6:30pm
Phone: 626.305.1188
Fax: 626.599.8098

The first Great Love Preschool and Kindergarten in the United States was established in 2006, in Monrovia, California. Our mission was to provide an enriched bilingual program that combines a strong academic curriculum with character education. To this day, we aim to develop children's full intellectual potential and nurture positive character traits, within a supportive environment that comprises school, family, and the community.

We endeavor to inspire curiosity and a lifelong love of learning in our students, while encouraging exploration and creativity; fostering the development of virtue, self-confidence, and social skills; instilling environmental awareness; and cultivating an inclusive, humanistic worldview.

Each day is a learning adventure at our preschool in Monrovia

Where Students Blossom

From small class sizes, to areas where they can explore and engage with their peers, our school facilities and grounds make learning an adventure each day.

Nurturing child development with love, patience, and empathy

Our highly-trained teachers lovingly and patiently guide our students toward a life of honor, integrity, and compassion. Constantly improving through annual training sessions and seminars, they never forget how it feels to be a student and to learn something new. Their sense of empathy allows them to continually adapt the mode of instruction or curriculum to best suit the needs of each individual student.

Inspiration, Guidance and Support

Our classes are developed and taught with the utmost integrity and empathy, inspiring a zeal for learning and compassion for others in the minds and hearts of students. Our courses are adaptable to any learning style in order to increase student engagement and enthusiasm. Striving to prepare students for primary school and beyond, we offer a holistic education that includes spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social, and creative development.

We are grateful for our inspiring teachers


Christina Marie Rodriguez


    • Rachael Lopez

    • Mayela Valle

    • Nadine Gallardo


    • Winnie Lin

    • Candy Huang


    • Sonja B Vlahos

    • Pen Jen Sia